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...which is why I know exactly what you need to have in your contracts. i've ran my own online service business and will be here to cover all your bases.

& Entrepreneur...

...that’s easily approachable, hears your wants and needs, and puts your mind on ease so that you can create what you love (instead of stressing about legal mumbo jumbo).

I'm a Lawyer...




I'm from the beautiful state of

law school and totally accept that...




I really



horse back riding

I grew up

Red wine and a good cheese board


margaritas with chips and guac

I'm a firm believer that any problem can be solved by




I have a sugar doodle puppy named

25 years

20 years

15 years

10 years

5 years

I'm obsessed with traveling and want to get to every continent in the next

of four kids




I'm the

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Meet the Team

Aleksandra is a Polish/American lover of photography, travel, health and kind people. Her passion for photography began about ten years ago when she moved to the USA. Photography has always been a way for Aleks to let go of daily reality and get her creative juices flowing. Aleks loves a challenge, building her skills and learning new ways to enhance people's experiences in front of a camera. She's a people person and has a blast with her clients.

She currently attends the University of Montana pursuing a Marketing and International Business degree and works alongside Paige in the evenings and weekends. She would love to chat more about your dream wedding!

Associate photographer

Jo is a native of Missoula, Montana and a 2018 PMP Bride!  She came on board with Paige Marie in October 2018 and has been a phenomenal asset to our team.

As the operations manager, she works had to ensure everything is run smoothly, including all the back-end online stuff. She lives here in Missoula with her husband and two adorable pups!

Assistant & Strategist

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