Ep 62: Wedding Safety and A Candid COVID-19 Conversation

Ep 62: Wedding Safety and A Candid COVID-19 Conversation

Today is all about how COVID has really changed since March and what you need to know specifically. Typically, if you are a wedding or an event and industry professional, that's a biggie for all of us dealing with this. 

Things I talk about:

  • A kind of a lay of the land of what's happening in the United States right now.
  • Forced Majeure and what it means in different areas now. 
  • Legal complications we need to be aware of now.  
  • How things have changed since March. 
  • And questions we need to be asking ourselves in terms of business and COVID.


Here are a few quotes:

"Where are you at with COVID? Do you feel comfortable providing services at a wedding or event? Even if it does go above and beyond the guidelines, you need to ask yourself that question and answer it yourself.  Once you have that, the answer is really going to help you, it will be less stressful because if you decide not to perform services, Which is totally fine and totally valid.  You have every right not to do that. Every person has their own choice in this right now."

"I always want to just disclose that, remember I'm an attorney, I'm not your attorney. I would definitely always seek out an attorney in your state who knows your force majeure laws a bit more clearly and can accurately interpret your contract pursuant to your state guidelines and pursuant to your force majeure case law and precedent so that you would have a better understanding of what the best option is."

“I highly suggest kind of moving more towards a flat retainer fee and you can charge differently for like a Saturday, which is a prime date in the wedding industry versus all other weekdays. But like I said you're going to keep it super consistent, no matter what package they're booking."

Links mentioned:


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COVID-19 Release and Waiver For Event Pros: thelegalpaige.com/shop

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