Ep 11: How to build your Team the RIGHT way

Ep 11: How to build your Team the RIGHT way

Legal Paigers!! If you tuned in last week you know I chatted all about the differences between independent contractors and employees. Well friends, this week’s episode is an extension of that topic and I am bringing on my dear friend Janelle, founder and owner of Janelle Joy Private Editing. You are going to get boatloads of amazing info from us as we discuss the good, the bad, and ugly of hiring on team members and how you can do it better. We talk about how Janelle went from a one-woman show to a team of six in just one year! She thrives by the model time is a luxury we can’t afford to waist so use it wisely and purposefully. I cannot wait for you guys to hear about what Janelle has to say about hiring on her editing team and the processes she emplaced to insure everyone was a good fit and all her ducks were in a row… legally that is. Join our conversation NOW!

In this episode we talked about:

  • The history of Janelle’s photography business and why she decided to switch to private editing.
  • The need of photography in the industry and the “letting go of control” as photographers.
  • Janelle’s step by step process for finding and hiring the right people for her team and how her steps can be applied for your search.
  • The communication process Janelle has with her clients and her editors.
  • With over 200 applicants, Janelle talks about her process for managing and choosing the right person for the team and her interview process.
  • Not being afraid to have people help you out getting started!
  • The decision factor for Janelle hiring only independent contractors and the type of system that’s in place for each person managing their own gear, software, and responsibilities.
  • The clear communication in standards, guidelines, and procedures listed out in Janelle’s contract for her independent contractors.
  • The vital importance to having a termination clause for independent contractors.

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<12:28> “What's really important before you even think about bringing on a team member is making sure that you are having all of your processes in place, that you can train somebody.”

<13:08> “Second step that is really important is figuring out what exactly you need and what kind of person you need to bring on.”

<19:11> “I am not completely out of the picture either because I want these clients to know that I value them as the owner.”

<21:16> “I see with businesses nowadays that are hiring on a team is there's too much micromanaging.”

<25:29> “If you are on the search for a virtual assistant, an editor, a second shooter, if you need graphic designer, if you need a copywriter, there are so many Facebook groups out there that you can just post this and you will not only find people in that group, but then those people know people.”

<38:34> “You are hiring someone and you don't pay for any taxes related to them working for you.”

<40:39> “Your only financial obligation at the end of the year is to send them what's called a 1099 miscellaneous form.”

<45:23> “You need a contract in place that then solidifies both of your obligations as a contractor and as the company hiring that contractor on.”

<46:23> “Any of the materials that I have created, so my processes and all of those unique special things that I have for Jenelle Joy, that they would be protected.”

<49:20> “You just need to make sure you're aware of all of that, but like Paige that you don't necessarily have control, but just be careful about who you hire and just know that you can trust them to take care of you and trust in you and want to help you in your business.”

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