Associate Photographer Contract for Independent Contractors - Canada

If you're a photographer who photographs weddings and portrait sessions and are hiring an associate photographer as an independent contractor, this contract is for you!

This contract is exclusively for Canadian-based businesses! This contract is what you will use between YOU and the associate photographer, and is made specifically for all of you photographers out there who want to cover all your bases when building your team and adding on associates who are NOT employees. This contract covers the relationship between you and the associate and includes clauses like:

- Non-solicitation
- Non-disparagement
- Explanation of the associates' duties and your duties
- Use of your company's images
- The associate's compensation (whether hourly, flat rate or commission) and any difference in compensation with weddings versus sessions
- Professionalism at weddings, and much more. 

This contract has been drafted with the help of both Kylee Ann and Grace Troutman. Grace Troutman is a photographer based in the who has not only built a successful associate photography team but has also launched a course teaching others to do so as well! 

***This contract is available in a U.S.A. version.***


- Scope of Work
- Associate Compensation (including flat retainers and then an option for hourly rates or commission-based pay)
- Travel Fees (option to pay for travel fees or not)
- Additional Compensation (referral incentives and booking a certain amount of weddings/events)
- Work Relationship (for independent contractor status)
- Duties of Associate (including promotion of photography services, updating calendar, use of images, honoring commitments, second shooters, email account and communication, culling and editing, and inclement weather)
- Duties of Photographer (including promotion of photography services, and meals and breaks)
- Communication 
- Work Product & Copyright
- Cancellation of Weddings by Clients
- Social Media
- Professional Standards
- Insurance & Licenses (contractor must have their own insurance)
- Photography Project Requirements (shooting in RAW format, delivery of images, etc.)
- Harassment
- Termination
- Non-Solicitation
- Non-Disparagement
- Confidentiality
- Force Majeure
- Indemnification
- Maximum Damages
- Limitation of Liability
- Entire Agreement
- Venue and Jurisdiction
- Arbitration
- Severability & No Waiver
- Transfer
- Headings
- Notice
- Execution in Counterpart and Delivery by Facsimile or Electronic Mail
- No Contra Proferentem
- Signature Lines
- Additional Attachment with the Scope Of Work Associate Must Follow for Your Company (editable to your business practices)


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