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After over 10 years in the wedding industry as a wedding planner and photographer, I've combined all that knowledge into one big wedding magazine to give to my clients. This wedding magazine is over 70+ pages, and includes literally ALL the information your clients need at the beginning of their wedding experience with you. My clients LOVE this magazine and its a great way to start off your photography package with a tangible gift in the mail to your clients.

All you have to do is go through and plop in your own photos and change up the text a little bit to fit your wedding region and business. This magazine must be edited with Adobe InDesign and applicable fonts must be downloaded.

Here is a list of the table of contents:

• You’re booked!
• Engagement session tips
• How to prepare your groom for the engagement session
• Engagement outfit inspiration
• Details, details, details
• 10 wedding shots that are a must
• First look vs. traditional reveal
• Testimonials from past clients about first look
• The daddy/daughter first look
• Preparing for family formals
• Family formals sample portrait list
• Wedding advice for different seasons in Montana
• Rainy weather day preparation
• Wedding timeline template: with or without first look
• Tips for a relaxed wedding day
• Why you should trust your photographer’s locations
• Reception planning tips
• 12 month planning guide
• Wedding budget template
• “Best in the Business” preferred vendor list
• When you can expect your wedding photos
• How to use your online gallery
• Albums
• Testimonials
• Thank you!

• Prepared by The Legal Paige, LLC, attorney drafted and reviewed
• Copy/paste into your contract
• Copy/paste into your online management software, Google docs, or into Microsoft Word
• Easy-to-use fill in the blanks template clause. There are yellow highlights used throughout the clause for you to identify what information you need to input and/or edit to your business needs
• All clauses are 100% legalese free (aka no complicated legal terms)
• Each purchase is allowed one license, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions

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