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Ep 16: The 80/20 Mindset You Need For Your Business!


What are your goals? Are you trying to grow your business? If so, then the 80/20 mindset is EXACTLY what you need, and I’ve got just the podcast for you!

Have you heard the saying that 80% of results come from 20% of the action? Well, that is a motto that I live by in my business and it has given me great results! I believe that this motto is the success tool for any entrepreneur and once you learn about which 20% of actions drive 80% of the outcomes, it will be a game changer for you and YOUR business!

In this episode we talked about:

  • The concept and backstory of the 80 20 rule which was known as the Pareto Principle.
  • The Pareto Principle process Paige took to with her early days of her photography business.
  • Identifying your best and highest paying clients.
  • Avoiding the temptation to try everything that is new and exciting!
  • Listing the things out that you need to do as a business owner.
  • Deciding if your tasks are top 20% or 80% of your activities.
  • Working in your business instead of on your business.
  • Working on high value tasks.
  • Identifying your productivity strengths.

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

[4:23] “It always comes out that 20% of my customers generate 80% of my profits and 20% of my work that I do as Paige of the legal Paige and Paige of Paige Marie Photography generates 80% of the products that are paying the bills.”

[6:47] “If you diversify too much, it will lead to burnout.”

[8:15] “I want you to ensure that you’re spending less time chasing these endless new opportunities.”

[9:44] “2 out of the 10 things on your to do list every day are worth more than the other eight items put together.”

[11:50] “Success comes from delegating.

[15:55] “I truly, truly believe that you can focus your energy towards a very small portion of your business and still be able to have the ability to relax, to play, to have a personal life outside of your business.”

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[As a reminder, I am legally obligated to give my disclaimer. I am an attorney, but I am not YOUR attorney. All legal information I talk about in this episode is indented for the masses and a large variety of different businesses. I am only your attorney when you hire me and we sign an engagement letter for me to specifically work on your legal issues. Please feel free to seek out another attorney in your home town if you need specific legal advice or contact me for information.]

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