If you have a wedding photography contract but just need to add in a meals and breaks clause, this is for you! A meals and breaks clause states that your clients must provide you 1 meal during the wedding event, you are allowed to take a break every 2 hours at a wedding event, and that you prefer to eat when the wedding party eats so that no photos are missed! This clause is ONLY for wedding photographers.

Includes the following:

• One (1) meals and breaks clause

• Prepared by The Legal Paige, LLC, attorney drafted and reviewed
• Copy/paste into your contract
• Copy/paste into your online management software, Google docs, or into Microsoft Word
• Easy-to-use fill in the blanks template clause. There are yellow highlights used throughout the clause for you to identify what information you need to input and/or edit to your business needs
• All clauses are 100% legal mumbo jumbo free (aka no complicated legal terms)
• Each purchase is allowed one license, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions

Meals and Breaks Clause for Wedding Photographers


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