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Wedding Photography Contract

This template is perfect for regular wedding photographers (e.g. venue or ballroom type weddings) and has been reviewed and critiqued by over five professional photographers. If you want to ensure your business is covered if clients do not pay on time, are late, ask for additional hours of coverage day-of, have crazy MOBs, get freaked out with inclement weather, want a refund for an unforeseen circumstance, have an issue with the delivery of your images, want endless additional edits, try to get a refund due to your artistic discretion, etc, this contract is for you! This is what many purchasers have called "the ultimate wedding photography contract" and is the best-selling legal template in the TLP shop. Purchase of this contract includes any and all updates to the contract that TLP makes in the future (FYI: we update this particular contract often due to changing circumstances in the wedding industry and photography world). 


    - Names of Parties to Agreement

    - Outline of Package and Services

    - Fees & Retainer Clause

    - Coverage Clause

    - Cancellation Clause

    - Rescheduling Clause

    - Exclusive Photographer, Videography, and Day-of Schedule Clause

    - Delivery of Images/Retouching/Edits Clause

    - Poses and Selection of Delivered Images Clause

    - Image processing/online gallery/printing Clause

    - Posting on Social Media Clause

    - Artistic Style Clause

    - Inclement Weather Clause

    - Meals & Breaks Clause

    - Model Release Clause

    - Photo Distribution & Archiving Clause

    - Reproduction Clause

    - Copyright Clause

    - Harassment Clause

    - Safe Working Environment Clause

    - Venue & Location Limitations Clause

    - Permits Clause

    - Travel Fee Clause

    - Communication Clause

    - Confirmation of Day-of Photography Schedule Clause

    - Client's Responsibility to Secure Insurance Clause

    - Indemnification Clause

    - Limitation of Liability Clause (including if media is damaged, stolen, lost, etc)

    - Force Majeure Clause

    - Cancellation of Services by Photographer Clause

    - Sales Tax Clause

    - Entire Agreement Clause

    - Venue and Jurisdiction Clause

    - Arbitration Clause

    - Transfer Clause

    - Severability & No Waiver Clause

    - Headings Clause

    - Notification Clause

    - Counterparts/facsimile signatures clause (aka electronic signature Clause)

    - Signature lines


    Every template is prepared by The Legal PaigeLLC, attorney drafted and reviewed, and created specifically for your industry.


    Every template is created with easy-to-use fill-in-the-blanks for your unique business. We make it simple to identify what information you need to input with highlighted, editable sections.

    Once you’ve finished, you can quickly copy/paste into your client management software, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word to send to clients in a snap.

    All language is 100% legal mumbo jumbo-free (aka no complicated legal terms).

    Plus, you'll get free access to future template updates from The Legal Paige.


    Have a question? Wondering how all this works? Head to our Shop FAQ page to get answers to our most asked questions!


    DISCLAIMER: By purchasing a template contract and/or document from The Legal Paige, LLC, you are not given access to Paige and no attorney-client relationship is created.

    All template documents are drafted using general U.S. contract principles and are not state-specific. Our products are easy-to-use and have highlighted, editable sections with commentary on what to amend according to your business practices and local state laws. You may modify the document on your own or find an attorney in your state to help you.

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    If you haven’t bought the wedding contract yet, just do it.

    If you haven’t bought the wedding contract yet, just do it. I was skeptical and was like, “Oh that’s a lot of money” but I bought it and going through this contract, I am in utter disbelief. My contract was so lacking and I didn’t even realize it. Please do yourself a favor. Pay the money now because it could save you from losing so much more later.


    "It’s such a relief to know I’m covered when it comes to contracts! Paige knows firsthand what it's like to be a small business owner and has tailored her contracts to cover EVERYTHING you could possibly need! The investment was a “no brainer” for me and Paige is forever my go-to girl for contracts!"

    - Jessie Cancio