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This template is perfect for speakers who want to ensure they are covered when they speak at conferences, events, workshops, or retreats. Lots of times, the event organizers do not supply you with a contract OR the contract they do supply you with is incredibly one-sided and doesn’t protect you as a speaker at all. This contract was created to make sure you’re protected. Included is a compensation clause with two options (a monetary fee with a retainer to secure your services and a non-monetary fee with travel compensation and complimentary tickets to the event), an explanation of what time you are expected to be present at the event, an independent contractor clause, a clause related to you selling items at the event, a harassment clause in case you feel uncomfortable for any reason, an agreement that all your slides/outlines/work product is copyrighted by you, an explanation of what happens in the event of cancellation, the duty of the speaker and duty of the company to promote the speaker, an inclement weather clause to ensure you don’t have liability if your travel is interrupted and much more. This contract was created alongside Jessica Rasdall, who is a speaking coach for creatives and an expert in her field.

Includes the following:
• Names of parties to agreement
• Entire agreement clause
• Venue and jurisdiction clause
• Reservation and fee clause
• Cancellation clause
• Rescheduling Clause
• Communication Clause
• Coverage Clause
• Compensation Clause
• Work Relationship (Independent Contractor) Clause
• Travel Expenses Clause
• Sales Tax Clause
• Posting on Social Media Clause
• Inclement Weather Clause
• Indemnification Clause
• Harassment Clause
• Inclement Weather Clause
• Insurance Clause
• Sale of Items Clause
• Termination Clause
• Intellectual Property Clause
• Non-disparagement Clause
• Model Release Clause
• Arbitration Clause
• Transfer clause
• Severability clause
• Counterparts/facsimile signatures clause
• Signature lines

• Prepared by The Legal Paige, LLC, attorney drafted and reviewed
• Copy/paste into your contract
• Copy/paste into your online management software, Google docs, or into Microsoft Word
• Easy-to-use fill in the blanks template clause. There are yellow highlights used throughout the clause for you to identify what information you need to input and/or edit to your business needs
• All clauses are 100% legal mumbo jumbo free (aka no complicated legal terms)
• Each purchase is allowed one license, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions

Speaker Template Contract


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