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The Legal Paige - BLM Educational Resources

BLM Educational Resources

Here at The Legal Paige, I am fully committed to continuous learning about societal issues and injustices. My team and I have had some incredibly productive discussions, and are devoted to sharing resources and amplifying the voices of others in order to better serve The Legal Paige community. 

Recently, I had Iffy Ibekwe of The Just In Case Lawyer do an Instagram takeover on my page, where we facilitated an incredibly productive discussion and heard many insightful questions from many incredible voices. She provided us with some incredible resources for continuing education, which we feel compelled to share with you as well. If you missed her stories on my page and our Live discussion, they are saved on my Instagram highlights, I highly encourage you to check it out. Please check out on Instagram @thejustincaselawyer and her website to check out the incredible work she is doing.

I want to emphasize that education happens differently for different types of learners; whether you are a bookworm like me, or get your learning in through podcasts while you commute or workout, or through tangible expressions like art or journaling, whatever way you learn is the right way for you. I hope that you join me on this journey of furthering education, understanding, and compassion. These compiled resources cover a broad spectrum of mediums and industries, and provide a diverse perspective and opportunities for learning no matter which way you prefer to learn. Please feel free to share other sources that you have found and enjoyed!

Anti-Racism/Social Justice






Faith-Based Leaders



Mental Health and Wellness


Thought Leader



Social Justice/Legal







  • 13th on Netflix
  • Just Mercy
  • When They See Us


  • Code Switch
  • Speaking of Racism
  • Still Processing
  • Truths Table

Consider Giving to:

  • Be the Bridge to Racial Unity
  • Equal Justice Initiative
  • The People's Table
  • ACLU
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