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Tune in to the weekly interview show featuring legal, finance, and business tips for creatives and online businesses. Your host, Paige Griffith, J.D., will help cut through the legal mumbo jumbo and make “scary” things like taxes, finances, business structures, and contracts EASY. Walk away with bite-sized action steps for making your own entrepreneurial dreams come true.

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Paige Griffith, J.D.

About The Host

Paige Griffith, J.D.

In my first year of law school I decided to add a photography business to my already demanding schedule. Entrepreneurship and I immediately clicked, and I fell in love with the thrill of building my own dream. After connecting with more creatives, I quickly became attuned to their legal uncertainties and founded The Legal Paige as a solution to the confusion that comes with building a legally legit business. Let’s face it- most small business owners don’t have a law degree and I was in a unique position to make legal compliance actually approachable for the modern day creative. 

As both a lawyer and a small business owner, I understand the challenges and dreams you face. Whether I’m speaking at conferences, guest experting in Masterminds, or recording podcast episodes- I’m keenly aware of the client issues that keep you up at night and the big goals you have to scale a business (while maintaining your peace-of-mind). Oftentimes legal problems can feel impossible to solve and it brings me great joy to offer simple solutions that help you rest assured in your business.


I recently ran across this podcast from Paige's Instagram/website, and I've been binge listening to all the episodes since! As a small business owner, this is SO helpful.


My safe place for legal info

As a baby business owner, with NO legal experience or understanding, this podcast is my go-to place to go when I'm feeling confused about legal changes in the wedding industry. Paige's dynamic is soothing and comforting that it is OKAY to not know what the heck I'm doing, making this podcast a safe place. I love listening, sometimes even when the topic doesn't apply to my business. Honest, COMPREHENSIBLE information!

Cierah J

My new go to podcast

After finding you from a friend, I have been binging all the episodes! As a small business owner in the wedding industry this has been a godsend and is really giving me a new perspective and has me ready to go through my contracts and docs to make sure I am doing the best I can protecting me and my business as well as my clients!

Thank you for kicking my butt into high gear! I am excited to continue listening, absorbing and learning all I can.


Relevant and refreshingly candid

Of course you expect relevant and accurate information from an expert's podcast - and you will get that from this podcast. What elevate it is Paige's candor and appreciation fro the issues you face. She feely talks about the subjects and (unlike some other podcasts) you never feel like you're listening to a sales pitch where some information will only be revealed with a purchase.

Stephen 570

Beyond Helpful & Easy to Understand

Wow! I found The Legal Paige at just the right time. I'm currently working on legalizing my business and her podcast has been beyond helpful. Paige is honest, trustworthy, and shares answers to questions I have been trying to find answers too. 10/10 recommend for small business owners trying to become legally legit!


The best legal pod for small businesses!

Paige is the freaking best. This podcast is always jammed packed with all the legal stuff you didn't know you needed to know. I highly recommend the listen! She makes things very clear and easy to understand. And if you haven't checked out her legal contracts yet, DO IT!


Informative and fun!

Love this podcast. It's packed full of great info and it's fun and entertaining to listen to. Paige is the best!! Love listening.


A wealth of knowledge

From unpacking complicated legal concepts, to offering expert tips on finances + business, The Legal Paige is a FANTASTIC resource for any entrepreneur or individual looking to lean into their business and optimize their success.

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