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The Legal Paige Blog - The Benefits Of Using Our Bestselling Contract Templates

The Benefits of Using Our Bestselling Contract Templates

Are you on the fence about whether a The Legal Paige contract is right for you and your business?!

The TLP team is here to help you to understand why we and thousands of other customers say that contracts are a necessity for your business + a valuable investment!


Contract templates are the building blocks for your business!

A contract for your business protects you from unforeseeable risk and liability, especially if you are working directly with clients as a service provider.

Business owners should always be protected and get their contracts in place before taking on clients. TLP offers business owners a cost-effective way to get legally legit through contract templates.

The Legal Paige contract templates are pre-made to suit your unique business needs and fully customizable so you can tweak them as needed.

We have hundreds of specialized contract templates that service a variety of industries like photography, videography, catering, bookkeeping, food trucks, online coaching, hair and makeup, travel advisors, graphic designers, social media managers, and hundreds more!

TLP also has essential contracts for all small business owners like employee agreements, non-compete agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.

Our legal documents take out the guesswork for the legal jargon because they are written in plain english, are easy to understand, and are drafted by licensed attorneys that are experts in the online creative space!


A little story from a recent TLP customer about why your business needs a contract!

The Legal Paige team cares for the health of your business. We want you to have a solid contract that provides protection against the "what ifs" and gives you peace of mind.

TLP believes the value of our contract templates are shown through our customers' stories. For instance, Andy recently reached out to us regarding a sticky situation she was involved in and was looking for a contract to prevent it from reoccurring. Andy was struggling with a client who had not kept up with payments for ongoing business coaching services. Her client was late on paying thousands of dollars worth of services that were rendered.

Andy, being the kind person she is, believed in her client and assumed she would eventually submit payment. After several invoice reminders, the client still had an unpaid balance and always came up with a different excuse for why she couldn't pay.

Eventually, the client began claiming that her business was failing because of the coaching services Andy provided. However, all of her roles and responsibilities Andy said she would deliver, had been delivered. There were also several clients who gave great feedback on her coaching. So what was Andy to do?

Customer experiences like Andy’s happen often and are prime examples of WHY implementing a contract is truly worth it. Contracts are amazing at helping you lay out everything in terms of what parties involved need to do.

For example: What are the client’s responsibilities? What are their payment terms? When are payments due? Is there a retainer? When will late fees come into effect, etc.?
In Andy's case, she didn't have a contract in place stating the client's responsibilities or payment terms. This makes it difficult to enforce late payments.

If this matter were taken to court, Andy can try using evidence like texts or emails but she doesn't have a signed contract outlining client expectations to give a judge. Therefore, creating a hollow argument against her client. 

Don't be like Andy.

The TLP team pours our heart, soul, and expertise into every template we put out so that you are paid on time, protected from liability, and can enforce your business policies


Make a better business decision through TLP contracts!

Getting a quality contract through a reputable source is crucial for you to be successful in business!

You can find just about anything on Google from funny cat videos, to diagnoses on Web MD, but should you be finding your contracts for free on Google?

The answer is unequivocal no, NO!

A bad contract can cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees and court battles, and Google is full of bad contracts.

The problem with finding a contract for free on Google or through your industry friend is that you don't know how old it is, who wrote it, or which laws it was based on. And the fact that the contract is free… tells you the value of the contract is very low.

When you present a TLP contract to your clients you will feel confident knowing it was written by licensed attorneys who understand small business owners and creatives.


What do you get with TLP contracts?

1. Written by Licensed Attorneys

This should be an obvious one but so many companies are putting out contracts that are NOT written by licensed lawyers. Doing this is a major no-no in the legal world (it’s illegal and called the “unauthorized practice of the law”) and you should avoid using a contract that was not written by an attorney.

Paige Griffith, J.D., is the founder of The Legal Paige and the lead attorney reading through every contract TLP offers. Along with her legal associates, our legal team keeps up-to-date on all current laws, case law, and regulations to make sure your contract is legally legit!

2. Written to be understood by anyone

You will be able to understand what your contract says when you buy a TLP contract template! Our contracts are written in plain language and have comments on the side of the document to help you understand certain sections when you're filling in your information. You don't have to be an attorney to understand our contracts. And neither does your client. The contracts are drafted as two-sided documents to protect you and your clients so they feel ultra comfortable signing!

3. Reviewed by industry professionals

TLP partners with industry professionals + experts to make sure our contracts are up to date with everything that is going on in every industry.

This means you can feel confident when purchasing because you are receiving customized legal language to fit your specific industry needs.

4. Access to updates FOREVER

Yes, that's right! Every time TLP adds a comma, modifies language, adds a clause, or changes a contract template to keep up with recent changes to laws or case precedent, you get the updated version FOR FREE and automatically loaded into your customer account!

Paige believes that contracts are living documents and should be looked at and changed frequently to ensure the highest quality and level of protection possible!

5. Support with your contract

Within your contract template you will get information and tips on how to customize your contract to meet your business needs. We also education you along the way about why certain clauses are in your contract and the legal reasoning behind them.

Plus our dedicated support team can be reached at if you have any questions regarding your contract templates. We are always happy to help our customers understand anything they have questions about regarding their purchase!

6. Reasonable prices

Did you know hiring an attorney to represent you and draft a custom contract can cost an upwards of $3000?!

TLP keeps overhead business costs low with contract templates under $500 so you won't break the bank!

Plus, they are written by legal experts and not just your average lawyer down the street. Oh, and… contract templates are a write-off because they qualify as a 100% deductible business expense for tax season!

7. Access to free resources

The Legal Paige has your back every step of the way through your business journey. Once you become a customer, we are in this together!

TLP has everything you need to scale your business from business formation, to creating a team, to client advice on the TLP website!

We have a super active Facebook Community specifically for asking business-related questions to help you out in tricky situations. Paige and her legal team monitor the group daily. Think of it like your personal business legal department!

If you are ready to protect your business and get legally legit, all contract templates can be found in the search bar above! For specific questions on selecting a contract or legal documents for your particular business, please reach out contact us at

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