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The Legal Paige - Top Clauses to Have In Your Hair and Makeup Contracts

Top Clauses To Have in Your Hair and Makeup Contracts

It’s no secret that in the hair and makeup industry, your work is your most valuable asset. It speaks for itself and shows your clients just how talented and versatile you are. Which is why it’s SO important for you to have your business' back-end in shape and protected. 

One huge way to do that is with a solid contract specifically tailored to what you do as HMUA business owners. If you don’t know where to start in putting together a contract specifically as a hair & makeup professional, don’t worry!

I’ve created a list of some of my top HMUA clauses to have in your client contract that’ll keep you and your business protected. 


1. Package Clause

 A very important clause that seems so simple--but is often overlooked--is a clause detailing what your package includes.

  • How many hairstyles and/or makeup applications are included in your package?
  • Does this include any touch-ups at the venue or during the event?
  • How many hours are included in this package?
  • Does this include a trial of the hairstyle and/or makeup look to take place beforehand?
  • Are you going to be performing the services on your own or will an assistant or subcontractor be helping out?
These are all important things to include in the initial package clause to set the expectations for both you and your client. This clause is usually one of the very first clauses in your contract, as it makes it easier to reference back to later on in the contract and really sets up the obligations and expectations of both you and your client.


2. Additional Fees

Another important clause to include is a clause that details any additional fees that your client may be obligated to pay.

  • Are you going to charge extra for any trial runs that you do before the event?
  • If you have to travel to the venue to complete your services, are you going to charge your client for that travel?
  • Does that travel cost accrue by mileage or a flat fee?
  • If you’re not a morning person (I feel you there!) does your client need to pay a fee for you to start performing your services early?
  • Are you going to charge your client extra if you have to stay at the event longer than anticipated or have to do another style or an additional client at the last moment?
It is really important to lay out these situations in your contract where your client will be obligated to pay you beyond your base fee so that you client doesn’t feel surprised or taken advantage of when they get the bill and see a number they weren’t expecting.


3. Artistic Style

This one is especially important for hair and makeup contracts, because your artistic style and how you approach your hair or makeup clients is so individualized and unique to you AND them.

That’s what attracts clients in the first place--nobody else has the exact style that you do! That being said, you need to make it very clear in your contracts that the style you portray on your social media and website is what your clients should be expecting and the style that you ultimately will be delivering… BUT the style is ever evolving and oftentimes may look a bit different on people depending on hair type and skin type.

Also, it's very possible that clients may ask for something that is out of your artistic realm or area that you feel comfortable delivering… so how will you choose to handle that with your client? Make sure all of this is listed in your artistic style clause in your contract.


4. Model Release

This clause may not be something that you think of initially, but can be a huge asset for your business moving forward and attracting more clients.

A model release clause gives you the right to use photographs of your work that may be taken when performing hair and makeup services at the event (either by you, your assistants, or another vendor or guest that may tag you), and then allows you to legally post them on your website or social media.

This is an invaluable resource to show off your work and the versatility of your artistry. These photos may also include any photos that a professional photographer takes at the event, which any hair and makeup artist knows is a great resource for showing off your work in a high quality photo.


5. Client Responsibilities to Be Ready for Hair Styling and Makeup Application

This clause will detail what your client’s responsibilities are to be READY for their hair and/or makeup and, if you provide services at a client’s location, what you require that location to have (air conditioning, certain number of outlets, etc.).

It’s incredibly important to think through your business and lay out all your policies for client’s here. Think about what you require your client’s to do before showing up to their hair or makeup session, what are your late policies, etc...

If all of this seems daunting and you feel like you have no clue where to start, don’t worry! I’ve created all of these clauses (plus so many others) in my Hairstylist and Makeup Artist Contract in the TLP Shop

You have not one, but three options for contracts, a combined Hair & Makeup Contract, a Hairstylist Contract, AND a Makeup Artist Contract!!! These contracts are all available for purchase, and linked below.

 The Legal Paige - Hairstylist & Makeup Artist Contract

The Legal Paige - Hairstylist Contract

The Legal Paige - Makeup Artist Contract


THIS BLOG POST IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL ADVICE. EVERY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT & IS FACT-SPECIFIC. A proper legal analysis is necessary based on your location and contract. Consult an attorney in your home state for advice regarding your contract or specific legal situation.

See our full disclaimer here.



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