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The Legal Paige Podcast - Episode 145 - 4 Contracts Clauses That Can Help Save You THOUSANDS

4 Contracts Clauses That Can Help Save You THOUSANDS




We've all been there before with a nightmare client, right?

And if you're new to business and haven’t had your share of stressful clients- it’s probably a matter of when not if. Less-than-ideal clients are an expected part of business ownership; however, if you haven't legally protected yourself, the damage they do can go far beyond headaches. Sticky client situations can lead to loss of significant amounts of revenue and time as well as decrease your emotional well-being and increase your stress with lawsuits.

While I can't promise you a magic solution to prevent nightmare clients- I do have ways you can protect yourself before you ever find yourself working with them.

In Episode 145, I go over the 4 clauses you should have in your contract to set you up for success within your client relationships (and ultimately help save you thousands in needless legal costs)! These clauses will protect you from legal action and provide you with an escape route for when things turn south.


More From This Episode

Press play on Episode 145 and you’ll learn:

  • What is a Scope of Service Clause

  • What is a Limitations of Liability Clause

  • What is a Scope Creep Clause

  • What is a Cancellation Clause

  • The reason you should peek at TLP’s a la carte clauses to bolster your contract.

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