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The Legal Paige - Adventure Elopement Photography Explosion Post-Pandemic

Episode 119: Adventure Elopement Photography Explosion Post-Pandemic




Adventure Elopement Photography has seen an explosion post pandemic, and really since 2020. More intimate weddings were on the rise, people opted for smaller weddings opposed to the bigger events we traditionally saw. This brought on a whole layer of legal situations that needed to be addressed. Nina Larsen Reed is joining us today, to really break down those sticky situations and how to best protect your Adventure Elopement Photography business

Nina Larsen Reed is a Colorado-based elopement photographer and hiker chick. She grew up on a tiny island in Norway, moved to Boulder in 2010, fell in love with the sunny Rocky Mountains (and her now-husband), and never looked back. Now a mom to a baby girl, Nina specializes in tiny elopements close to home.

Episode Highlights

  • An in-depth look on what to do when you show up to national park, only to find it's your clients and 20+ of their closest friends. 
  • Why guest count is so important when you are visiting national parks. 
  • Nina's take as an experienced photographer why permits are put in place in National parks. 
  • Increased responsibility and planning that has occurred post pandemic.
  • Tips for protecting your business, as the industry continues to grow.

Worth Noting

"No one reads a contract, as frustrating as that is. If people are just excited to book and they scroll to the bottom when they sign and say that's fine. So there are other places where people can put that type of education too, such as location guides, even before that in the questionnaire. I have my couples fill out before that, so I can make them a location guide. And I cover questions like, do you want ceremony decor?"
- Nina Larsen Reed on Location Guides and Contracts. 


"The number one thing I want you to know, is that people should be charging at least as much as they would for a traditional wedding. If not more, because if this episode has not driven home how much work is involved with this beyond showing up and taking photos." 
- Nina Larsen Reed on What To Charge. 


"If they show up with more people than what they have told me in advance, and that is against the rules of location, I will leave and they will not get a refund. They will not get any photos. I think the more clear you can make that, the more seriously people will take it. Because no one wants to show up and find out that they paid a lot of money for a wedding photographer who will walk away and not give them a single photo."
- Nina Larsen Reed on Handling Guest Counts That Exceed Location Rules.


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