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The Legal Paige - COVID Update and Questions Your Clients May Have

Episode 121: COVID Update and Questions Your Clients May Have




I thought it was time that I gave all of you service-based business owners a COVID update.


This is a tough subject to talk about because, I feel like it's unending and we're all a little bit sick of it. But it's no secret that there are various popping up left and right. The threat of COVID is still here and is probably unfortunately here to stay. With that means more questions from clients. 

Episode Highlights

  • What changed from previous TLP updates regarding COVID and contracts.
  • An in-depth look at the newest supreme court decision regarding the vaccine mandate for businesses.
  • A brief synopsis on what is OSHA. 
  • COVID concerns your clients may have and how to best address them while still being legally legit. 
  • My answer to common questions getting asked from various service-based business owners. Including rescheduling fees, variants, pushback from clients regarding clauses in relation to COVID, and more. 


Worth Noting

"First of all if you have used our covid addendums where it specifically stated a rescheduling deadline, and the bride let it lapse. Then you have no obligation to reschedule them or return their paid fee. Do not let these attorneys bully you. The addendum is not in our opinion an adhesion contract but even if it was it is enforceable in court. It is completely in your right to plant your feet in the mud and let thier attorney try to convince a Judge in small claims court that this contract addendum is invalid. Of course this is not legal advice as we are not your lawyer but we are just letting you know that this is something you can do.- Paige's advice on rescheduling deadlines. 

"Since our last update we have also been introduced with a new variant Omicron. From what I am seeing and hearing this strain is looking less aggressive than Delta. And may be the sign of the beginning of the end for this virus. Even if that proves to be untrue we always want to hope right? With that being said we are still seeing events being postponed and many events still have COVID restrictions. So for now keep those clauses in even if you never need to use them. It is better to be prepared for the worst scenario with a lifesaver than without. - Paige's advice if COVID clauses still need to be in contracts. 

"A reasonable rescheduling fee can be anything from $100 to 30% of your fee. Here is how I look at this, you are giving them the benefit of rescheduling, and  really anything under 30% will be more than reasonable in the eyes of a judge and hopefully a client. Where It may seem unreasonable in the eyes of a judge or even the client is if you go over that 50% mark. At that point it might be better to not allow rescheduling and ask for a new contract and retainer. This is a completely fine way of doing it! It's your company you get to make the rules."- Paige's advice when it comes to reasonable rescheduling fees.


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