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The Legal Paige: Steal These Secrets For A Thriving Beauty Biz

Episode 129: Steal THESE Secrets For A Thriving Beauty Biz




In Episode 129 of The Legal Paige Podcast, I sat down with beauty biz strategist, Tiyana Robinson, to uncover the legal woes in the solopreneur beauty industry + draw upon her entrepreneurial expertise. (Spoiler alert: She is a treasure trove of amazing advice!)

Many beauty professionals come from a traditional cosmetology school background or are self-taught artists that turned their passion into a lucrative side hustle. As every creative entrepreneur knows, sometimes the BUSINESS side of running a business is overwhelming and Tiyana does such a great job of simplifying what it takes to run a freelance beauty business “like a mogul”.  


Meet Tiyana Robinson

The Legal Paige Podcast Guest - Tiyana RobinsonTiyana is an award-winning Washington DC-based Professional Makeup Artist and Founder of Beauty Mogul University, where she teaches Makeup Artists and Solo Beauty Pros how to diversify their income, create money on-demand, and launch their digital beauty businesses by offering online classes, courses and digital + physical products so they can make money beyond their chair.

She has been featured in Black Enterprise,, Essence Magazine, and in 2020 she was included in The Root’s “Glow-Up 50”- an annual celebration of the black tastemakers, trendsetters, and innovators elevating the world of style- in the same category as Rihanna (yup, she’s pretty cool)


As a Beauty Mogul Coach, she’s helped HUNDREDS of solo beauty pros double or triple their rates, grow their business to six figures, launch their own signature beauty products, level up their branding + stand out in their city, and become the go-to local beauty superstar for the signature service they provide.


More From This Episode

Tune into Episode 129 and you’ll get answers to your burning HMUA questions like:

  • How do I navigate the dichotomy between my client’s wishes and my personal style?

  • What clauses you need to have in our beauty pro contract from the get go. 

  • What you should charge for a retainer fee when every group size varies. 

  • Advice from Tiyana for new beauty professionals as they enter into entrepreneurship. 

  • Discussion surrounding social media, running a successful business, and showing up for yourself. 

  • And so much more!

Be sure to follow along with Tiyana + all the beauty she brings to the world!


This one is a must-listen for all my HMUA friends- and if you’re craving even more community in the world of beauty? Be sure to join The Legal Paige Facebook Group where thousands of entrepreneurs just like you are getting real-time answers about running a professionally and legally legit business.

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