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The Legal Paige Podcast How To Create A Roadmap Of Your Goals Part 2

How To Create A Roadmap Of Your Goals: Part 2



With Q4 wrapped up, and Q1 kicking off, it’s time to hone in and think about not just our big goals for the year, but what it will take to reach those goals.


The excitement of a new year can leave us almost with a squirrel-like brain! We are still in a bit of a fog from the holidays, we have ideas coming and flowing to us and we think we need to jump on everything NOW! It doesn’t help that we are seeing things on social media that are telling us not to wait, to jump in head first, and that we should be at a certain point by now for Q1 to be successful. 


In part two of this podcast series, I want to take you on a journey of creating the roadmap of your goals and how this will set us on the right path to creating a rock-solid foundation for the rest of the year. And like I mentioned, having this roadmap is really going to help curb the squirrel-like brain you may be feeling. Because as business owners, we are here to create lasting, sustainable growth, and in order to do that you need to have a foundation that is as rock solid as the contract you send your clients. 



I want you to imagine that you could snap your fingers or wiggle your nose and INSTANTLY achieve all of your goals! But hitting all your goals overnight would probably not be all good news. Usually, we are not prepared for this type of growth overnight.  I want you to use this prompt as an exercise to uncover what you truly need to do to not only hit your goals but to have a solid foundation in place to support them! 


What would go wrong? 
What would break? 
What other issues would this cause in your life/biz? 

This prompt will help you uncover the people, processes, systems, and tasks that are essential to your success. You could even say they are squirrel-proof!


To give you an example, let’s say one of the big goals you set was launching a course and enrolling over 100 students. If you enrolled those students right now, what would the onboarding look like? Would you even be able to send out that many contracts, accept that many payments, and actually be about to onboard everyone with customer service top of mind? 


Now I want you to break down all that needs to be done, so things don’t go wrong. So sticky situations hopefully don’t happen. What do you need to put in place now in Q1, what do you need to plug into Q2 and Q3 to make this a successful launch? Because odds are if you are launching something in 2023, all the prep work needs to be done long before Q4. 


It’s important after we have set our roadmap for our big goals, to get clear on finding any leaks that could be exposed or amplified when achieving that goal. Again, as we go back to our road trip we are on for 2023, this would be making sure there is air in all 4 tires, that the windshield washer fluid is full, and that you don’t need an oil change any time soon. Sort of putting out the fires before they become fires.




Tune into Episode 151 and learn more about setting a roadmap for 2023 including preparing your taxes, using contracts and insurance, and smooth operations. If you want more helpful business advice as you’ll hear on the podcast, be sure to join The Legal Paige Facebook Community where thousands of entrepreneurs just like you are getting real-time answers about running a professionally and legally legit business.

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