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The Legal Paige Podcast - Episode 142 - The 4 Best Hires I Made (That Saved Me 20+ Hours Per Month)

The 4 Best Hires I Made (That Saved Me 20+ Hours Per Month)





Do you find yourself wishing - DREAMING - of having more time? What would an extra 20 hours a month mean for you and your business?

The Challenge of Entrepreneurs

Let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we wear SO MANY hats (especially in the first few years of business as we start to pave our own path). CEO, CFO, assistant, customer service rep, tech support, designer, social media manager, therapist, coach, visionary…the list goes on and on.

All of the roles and responsibilities on our plate can really take a toll on us as people– but they also can take away from our craft. The more roles we take on, the more time we are away from doing what we actually love. Soon we can find ourselves wondering why we “followed our passion” when our jobs don’t even resemble what we first started out to do.

Here at TLP when we are out of our zones of genius, we refer to them as ‘Frankenstein Roles’, …these roles are TIME SUCKERS.

When your weeks are filled with Frankenstein Roles, it costs you:

  • Time in your business, away from your craft

  • Time outside your business, with your family, etc.

  • Money, if you had those hours back to focus on areas that GROW the business

  • Sanity, when you are sucked into this kind of work, it drains you and leads to burnout a lot faster than when you are in flow doing what you love.)


So how do you break free?

The answer is simple: Hiring!

I know hiring can sound like a big leap! (Where do I start? Who do I hire? What do I need in place before I bring someone onto my team)? In Episode 141, I’m pulling back the curtain to share with you the 4 best hires I made that saved me 20+ hours a month!

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