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Yes! Being a TLP Affiliate is the perfect fit for you if you want to empower your people to get legally legit, equip them with quality, lawyer-approved contracts, and get a little kickback too. Click HERE to learn more! 

You’re in the right place! We offer 1-on-1 services for small businesses through my virtual law firm, Griffith Law, PLLC, starting at $2950 per project. Click HERE for the details. 

No. I only review contracts for my 1-on-1 legal clients (more information on that HERE! !

However, I think you’ll love my free class: Is Your Current Contract Legally Legit?

Inside I’m walking through an actual client’s existing contract and showing you what's working...and what's not. You’ll be able to solidify your own contract and save yourself thousands in attorney fees.  Watch the class HERE

If you simply have a legal question, I can’t answer those (ya know… for lawyer ethic reasons and stuff) but you can find great tips in The Legal Paige Facebook Community from Paige, The TLP Team, plus 2900+ smart & savvy TLP members.

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Simply put: you can get legally legit, save up to $3000-6000 per contract (because hourly legal fees for a custom contract are super spendy), AND eliminate the legal overwhelm that comes with running a business. That’s priceless.A template means you have the basic contract language that you should have for your industry, and then allows you to customize it to fit your unique needs.

All sales are final and The Legal Paige enforces a strict no refund policy.  This is due to the immediate nature of delivery of the digital downloads upon purchase. Because you will get instant access to the documents and can see all language in the documents upon purchase, we will not allow refunds under any circumstances.  

With that being said, our clients simply don’t WANT refunds. 99.6% of people don’t even request a refund, and that other .4%? We have a dedicated shop manager who made sure they knew how to use their new templates to fit their needs with our proven step-by-step process, which resolved their questions without issue.

All templates are drafted by Paige Marie Griffith, J.D. a licensed attorney in Montana and edited by a legal assistant and paralegal. Further, they are peer reviewed, critiqued, and approved by at least 3 industry professionals specific to the contract type. That means you can ensure your contracts are legally legit through and through and fit your unique needs! We’ve got you!

Yes! Template contracts will work in all states. They are drafted with language that pertains to general and common contract laws across the United States. However, The Legal Paige disclaims that you should make sure to get your specific contract reviewed by an attorney in your state if you want it to be perfectly compliant with your state laws.

All TLP contracts are U.S. based only and are not suitable to be used in other countries. (If you LIVE in the U.S. then you are considered U.S. based). Please do not purchase the contracts if you are in Canada or another country, unless you have the contract thoroughly reviewed by a licensed lawyer/esquire/barrister in your country because the draft contract language will need to be changed to suit your country’s contract laws.

You get one download! The .zip file folder comes with .pdf and two word document files, as well as additional information and side comments about modifying your contract. You are granted one license to use and may not share your contracts or clauses with anyone else. TLP reserves the right to take action against you if you violate this one license to use.

Yes! Each template contract has comments and yellow highlights with what sections The Legal Paige suggests you modify to fit your business.  It is extremely simple to modify your own contracts by following the comments on the side of the template contract from Paige. We'll walk you through the process with our proven step-by-step system to editing your template with ease and eliminate the overwhelm standing in your way to getting legally legit.

No. When you purchase a template contract there are no 1-on-1 customizations included with your purchase. However, you can apply for 1-on-1 services here

No. Please review the comprehensive description and what's included sections of the product, to ensure the contract or clause is what you're looking for prior to purchasing.

I'd love to help! Contact us HERE and my team will be sure to get you an answer to your question.