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Sarah Schweyer

Because of Paige's expertise in both the legal world and the wedding industry, her contracts showed me the areas that I needed, and also gave me tips to make my contracts more standard in the industry."

"I am now more confident with my contracts knowing that an actual lawyer has approved them!


I feel so confident that both myself and my clients are fully covered. Thank you Paige for making this so easy to follow!"

"I’ve been in business for over 20 years and this is the best contract I’ve ever had!


—which is a testament to Paige’s expertise and the care she puts in to her contracts.  I’m so grateful for Paige’s help, and I now have peace of mind knowing both my client and I are legally covered."

"The first time I sent my new contract out, my client told me that it was her favorite she’d ever seen

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Yes! All template contracts will work in all states.  The are drafted with language that pertains to basic state contract laws across the United States. The Legal Paige always suggests reviewing your template contract with an attorney in your state if you want it to be perfectly compliant with your state laws.

Yes, you only get one download.  The file folder comes with .pdf and word document files.  You are granted one license to use and may not share with anyone else.

Yes! Each template contract has comments and highlights with what sections The Legal Paige suggests you modify to fit your business.

Custom contracts typically take 6-10 hours to draft and the industry-standard billable hourly rate across the U.S. means it can cost $1500 - $3000 per contract. A template allows you to have the same basic contract language as everyone else in your industry, and then allows you to customize it to fit your needs at a fraction of the cost (like more than 75% less than a custom contract)!

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