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Every template from The Legal Paige is lawyer drafted, created with easy fill-in-the-blanks, and includes FREE future updates.

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If there is anything I've learned in over ten years of owning my wedding & elopement photography business, it's THANK GOD I HAD A CONTRACT! From clients that break off their engagement to harassing grooms to me breaking my ankle, I learned (sometimes the hard way) that having it all laid out in a contract saved my a**! [...]

Jessica C.

I'm so grateful for Paige's help with a contract! I have peace of mind knowing both my client and I are legally covered. the first time I sent my new contract out, my client told me it was her favorite she'd ever seen - which is a testament to Paige's expertise and the care she puts into her contracts.

Hannah A.

I'm in the process of booking 2 sisters for their separate weddings. The third sister is married and helping them plan. She just called me about the contract and said something else and turns out she's a lawyer! She said my contract is so impressive and mutually protecting! Thanks Paige Griffith! [...]

Stefanie M.

I heard about TLP from my business coach and I have heard on so many podcasts having a legit contract for your clients and your team is so important. Getting the Independent Contractor agreement has been so helpful and it outlines items I never even considered. It protects me as the owner and makes me legit to the team. I am so thankful to have the help and resources, highly recommend.

Cindy T.

I loved this contract. I was super impressed by all the info included. I had looked around at the other people who offered contracts but I felt that Paige was more professional and I was not disappointed. I am super happy with my contract and would recommend getting it for anyone in my industry.

Maria R.

As a website designer, I buy this template for every.single.client. to customize and add to their website to ensure it's legally protected. Paige's template is super easy to use and customize for each clients' needs, and then I can copy/paste it into their website before launch. My clients and I both rest easy knowing our work is protected online! Thanks, Paige!


When I started my photography business I pieced together various contracts from all over the web. (Not smart, but hey I was broke). Now 3 years later I am booking high dollar weddings and it dawned on me I was using a form of that original contract.I immediately bought the Legal Paige's contract to get better protection for my business. [...]

Charles M.

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Who is "Paige" Behind The Legal Paige

Who is "Paige" Behind The Legal Paige

Meet Paige Griffith, J.D.

In year one of law school I opened a photography business that taught me a defining lesson of my life:

Entrepreneurship is awesome. 

After working as a law clerk for a federal judge, I married my passion for law and experience as an entrepreneur by founding The Legal Paige. Our mission is to empower small business owners with a rock solid foundation that ultimately results in more confidence and success. 

I believe that the legal side of small business ownership doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In fact, I've made it effortless and approachable so you can protect yourself from all the legal ‘what ifs’...and get back to doing what you love. 

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