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The Legal Paige HOW to Sign Your Contracts as a Sole Prop

HOW to Sign Your Contracts as a Sole Prop

Have you ever wondered WHO should be signing contracts? What about HOW you sign contracts for your business as a sole proprietor? Do I sign my name or my DBA? If you have ever needed answers to these questions you have come to the right place!



When you’re signing a contract your business’ formation matters. If you are a sole proprietor you are your business! This means you personally will sign on behalf of your company. Many sole proprietors will also operate under a DBA. So it’s important to note the DBA in your contracts. But at the end of the day, your legal name is what will be legally binding on a contract. 

Thus, your signature line should look like this: 


Jane Doe, d/b/a Yummy Ice Cream

[Your Legal Signature]

[Print Your Name]


The Legal Paige How To Sign A Contract


Making sure you are signing your contract correctly is essential! As a sole proprietorship, it is fairly easy to sign a contract because all you need to do is sign your name. If you ever decide to take that next step to become an LLC check out this blog to learn how to sign your name as an LLC owner. 

Additionally, if you ready to take your next step in business and form an LLC? Check out our state-specific DIY LLC Registration Guides!



THIS BLOG POST IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL ADVICE. EVERY SITUATION IS DIFFERENT & IS FACT-SPECIFIC. A proper legal analysis is necessary based on your location and contract. Consult an attorney in your home state for advice regarding your contract or specific legal situation.

See our full disclaimer here.

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