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  • How to LEGALLY Issue A Refund

    How to LEGALLY Issue A Refund

    As a business owner, you may, unfortunately, encounter situations where you have to issue refunds to clients. It could be because of a mistake on your end or because of a cancellation of a service or event. Regardless of the...

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  • Deposits vs Retainers: Are They Refundable?

    Deposits vs Retainers: Are They Refundable?

    Do you know the difference between the terms “Deposits” and “Retainers”? Did you know one is usually refundable and one usually isn't? Let’s discuss the differences between “Deposits”, “Retainers”, and/or “Reservation Fees/Booking Fees”, whether using a certain term allows for...

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  • The Legal Paige: Do I Actually NEED A Privacy Policy?

    Do I Actually NEED A Privacy Policy?

    When creating your website, you’re probably thinking about making everything eye-catching and beautiful. While the physical appearance is a big part of a successful platform, you CANNOT forget that even your website needs to be legally legit. Specifically? Don’t forget...

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  • The Legal Paige Blog - What's The Difference Between The Wedding Photography Contract vs Adventure Elopement Contract

    Difference Between the Wedding Photography Contract vs the Adventure Elopement Contract?

    The contracts that Wedding Photographers and Adventurous Elopement Photographers use have some pretty big differences. The nuances are important because every contract should be tailored to the services you’re specifically providing to each client. If the contract does not give detailed information on what you will be doing, your business is vulnerable to legal issues not specified in your clauses. 

    Let’s break down the key differences of each contract so you know exactly which contract fits you best!

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