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  • The Legal Paige Blog - 5 Ways to Avoid Litigation

    5 Ways to Avoid Litigation

    Litigation can be expensive (like REALLY expensive), time consuming, and detrimental to a business. In many instances it is best to avoid litigation at all costs and instead find other ways to mitigate issues that arise with clients. Here are...

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  • 3 Key Legal Things About Passive Income

    3 Key Legal Things About Passive Income

    Let’s start out with the big question: what actually is 'PASSIVE INCOME'?! Passive income is any type of income that is not earned by a direct activity. Thus, you aren't trading your time for money. Establishing a well-thought-out passive income...

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  • The Legal Paige - When You Do and Don't Need a Model Release

    When You Do and Don’t Need a Model Release

    First off, what is a Model Release Form? A model release is a type of contract between a photographer and the individual(s) that is/are the subject of the photograph. This contract, signed by both parties, gives the photographer permission to...

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Founder and attorney at The Legal Paige, Paige is a certified Juris Doctor who helps entreprenuers become legally compliant online. Law aside, she's really just a small town Montana momma who loves her family, the lake, and a good glass of red wine.

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