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  • The Legal Paige Blog - Do you STILL need your Covid Clause?

    Do You STILL Need Your Covid Clause?

    It's been almost three years since March 2020 when the world shut down for the first time because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Legal Paige knows the last three years have been *extra* rough on entrepreneurs, and during this time we’ve seen entrepreneurs rise up and protect themselves financially and legally through their contracts.

    But now, three years later, it looks like national shutdowns, and event restrictions are seemingly over (knock-on-wood). So the question many business owners are asking is whether they STILL need Covid waivers, Covid rescheduling clauses, and Covid acknowledgments within their client contracts. TLP is here to help you answer these questions! So let's get into it.

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  • The Legal Paige - What's Your 2021 Covid-19 Plan?

    What’s Your 2021 COVID-19 Plan?

    I know 2020 has been a YEAR. Whew. Small business owners in every industry have been tested this year; financially, emotionally, and physically, this has not been a year for the faint of heart. I am so proud of all...

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  • Flat Fee Retainers

    Flat Fee Retainers

    As an industry standard, wedding & event photographers generally take a 50% retainer on the total value of the booking as non-refundable reservation retainer. However, when Covid-19 hit across the industry we started seeing a client pushback and legal battles...

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  • The Legal Paige - Covid Resources Roundup

    COVID Resources Roundup

    We are officially halfway through 2020 and COVID is still a very real threat and ever-changing especially in the event industry. We’ve been writing about, creating contracts for, and updating you on this pandemic for months and we hope this post serves as an FAQ!
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