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  • Deposits vs Retainers: Are They Refundable?

    Deposits vs Retainers: Are They Refundable?

    Do you know the difference between the terms “Deposits” and “Retainers”? Did you know one is usually refundable and one usually isn't? Let’s discuss the differences between “Deposits”, “Retainers”, and/or “Reservation Fees/Booking Fees”, whether using a certain term allows for...

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  • The Legal Paige - Should You Use The Word "Retainer" Or "Deposit"?

    Should You Use The Word "Retainer" or "Deposit"?

    A common question TLP gets asked almost daily is whether you should use the term “retainer” or “deposit”. And some people believe you can use these terms interchangeably in your contracts. It makes sense; both are fees paid in advance...

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Meet Paige

Lawyer + Educator

Founder and attorney at The Legal Paige, Paige is a certified Juris Doctor who helps entreprenuers become legally compliant online. Law aside, she's really just a small town Montana momma who loves her family, the lake, and a good glass of red wine.

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