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  • Can You Use a Picture From Google?!

    Can You Use a Picture From Google?!

    Can you legally use a photo from Google for your business? The short answer is no, it is best to avoid using photos from Google due to complex copyright laws. HOWEVER, the long answer is “it may potentially be okay”...

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  • How to Legally Do a Sponsored Blog/Post

    How to Legally Do a Sponsored Blog/Post

    Are you dreaming of that 10K swipe up life? Do you love the idea of being paid to showcase a product you already use and love? Sounds like the ideal Influencer Instagram life, right? Well if you do decide you...

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  • The Legal Paige - Covid Resources Roundup

    COVID Resources Roundup

    We are officially halfway through 2020 and COVID is still a very real threat and ever-changing especially in the event industry. We’ve been writing about, creating contracts for, and updating you on this pandemic for months and we hope this post serves as an FAQ!
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Lawyer + Educator

Founder and attorney at The Legal Paige, Paige is a certified Juris Doctor who helps entreprenuers become legally compliant online. Law aside, she's really just a small town Montana momma who loves her family, the lake, and a good glass of red wine.

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