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  • The Legal Paige Blog - What Every Adventure Photographer Needs to Know About Assumption of Risk

    What Every Adventure Photographer Needs to Know About Assumption of Risk

    Thinking about the worst-case scenario is never fun but at the end of the day, you need to protect yourself and your business!  Clients need to know and acknowledge the risks involved with adventure sessions and elopements before agreeing to participate. If you are in the business of offering adventure services then you need a solid contract!
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  • The Legal Paige Blog - Got Ghosted Here’s How To Deal…

    Got Ghosted? Here’s How to Deal…

    As online small business owners, it is nothing out of the ordinary for inquirers—or even booked clients!—to stop responding to you after a few weeks of communication (aka being “ghosted”). The term “ghosting” or “ghosted” means that someone has ended all communication with you without explaining why. When this happens it’s likely because they retained services elsewhere, are not wanting to pay you, have some personal issue going on, or simply changed their mind in some respect. Thus, what resources do you have if you already legally signed a contract with a client and now they have completely ceased communication with you? You have a few different options that we will go over below and TLP will explain what clauses you should put in your contract in order to get legally legit with your client's communication expectations.
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  • The Legal Paige Blog - How to Choose Your Business Entity: Sole Prop vs. LLC vs. S-Corp

    How to Choose Your Business Entity: Sole Prop vs. LLC vs. S-Corp

    Are you a new, aspiring small business owner trying to figure out the ins and outs of legally starting your business? Are you someone that has a business plan in place and is ready to start making money but needs legal help to be prepared? Or maybe you’re hearing terms like “LLC” and “sole proprietor”, but are not sure of the difference? TLP is here to help guide you through these business structures and explain the legal protections of each. By the end of this blog, you will be able to confidently know which business structure is best for your unique business.
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  • The Legal Paige Blog - Do you STILL need your Covid Clause?

    Do You STILL Need Your Covid Clause?

    It's been almost three years since March 2020 when the world shut down for the first time because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Legal Paige knows the last three years have been *extra* rough on entrepreneurs, and during this time we’ve seen entrepreneurs rise up and protect themselves financially and legally through their contracts.

    But now, three years later, it looks like national shutdowns, and event restrictions are seemingly over (knock-on-wood). So the question many business owners are asking is whether they STILL need Covid waivers, Covid rescheduling clauses, and Covid acknowledgments within their client contracts. TLP is here to help you answer these questions! So let's get into it.

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  • The Legal Paige: Do I Actually NEED A Privacy Policy?

    Do I Actually NEED A Privacy Policy?

    When creating your website, you’re probably thinking about making everything eye-catching and beautiful. While the physical appearance is a big part of a successful platform, you CANNOT forget that even your website needs to be legally legit. Specifically? Don’t forget...

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