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The Legal Paige: The #1 EASIEST Way to Avoid Legal Troubles With Clients

Episode 125: The #1 EASIEST Way to Avoid Legal Troubles With Clients




In Episode #125 of The Legal Paige Podcast, I chat with Adam Mason- a Washington D.C. based wedding photographer, mentor, and host of the Bearded Tog Podcast- about the #1 easiest way to avoid legal troubles with your clients (hint: it’s NOT contracts). As photographers continue to book sessions for the rest of 2022 and 2023, it’s so important to focus on avoiding legal troubles and putting customer service first. Adam has NEVER experienced any major legal debacles because he has mastered the art of customer service.

Tune in to learn...

Episode Highlights

  • Why customer service should be one of your TOP priorities as a savvy business owner (and how focusing on customer service has changed Adam’s business for the better).
  • The onboarding process and customer service touchpoints Adam includes in his business to ensure his clients are taken care of + delighted with their experience.
  • What to do when you just can’t seem to make a client happy (no matter how great your communication or streamlined your process).
  • And so much more!

Worth Noting

"The goal is to get to that phone call, and then on the phone treat them as if they're new. I'm not treating them as me the salesperson. I just want to talk about wedding stuff. What they need, and what they don't need. One of my lines, I always say on the phone too, is that like, I'm more of a pragmatist, not a salesman. I don't want to sell them anything they don't need. I want to be intentional and have impact on what they're looking for. And make sure that they're stress-free." - Adam's advice on calls with clients and not being the salesperson. 

"My big thing and it's our company value... is set the tone. Because if I don't set the tone, and again this goes back to relationships. If you don't set the tone, someone else will. If you don't love them, feed them, care for them, honor them, respect them. Someone else will, if you don't set the tone. That's where the comes in and says, this is what your photographers should be doing. This is where their bridesmaid comes in and say, this is what your photographers should be. I don't want that to happen. " - Adam's advice on setting the tone for customer relationships

"You can present a boundary. If you're in a healthy relationship with these clients, most of them will just know your boundaries by you setting them. You won't even have to bring it up. And if these folks want to go past a boundary or abusing those boundaries, again, we go back to a relationship. That's an abusive relationship and we've got to cut bait. We've got to get out of there. And then you just try and find the most amicable way to do that."- Adam's advice on setting boundaries while still presenting great customer service.


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