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The Legal Paige: Hindsight Is 20/20: The Contract Clauses They WISHED They Had

Episode 126: Hindsight Is 20/20: The Contract Clauses They WISHED They Had




In Episode #126 of the podcast, I discuss the clauses members of The Legal Paige Community WISHED they would have put in their contract. The truth is, there are certain clauses you should always have in your contract because they can save you a world of headaches + legal troubles- in this episode, you’ll hear my list of must-haves as well as insight from our community on clauses they regret not having. If you don’t take it from me, take it from them!


Episode Highlights

  • My list of must-haves when it comes to clauses that will save you a world of headaches and legal troubles.
  • Insight from the TLP community and clauses they have regret on not having in their contracts.
  • Clauses to help when sticky legal situation happen like; breakdown in communication, you or the client chooses to cancel, when someone asks you to do something illegal, etc. 
  • And so much more!

Worth Noting

"Obviously parties can absolutely cancel a contract. So in your cancellation clauses, you need to have cancellation by the client and then cancellation by you as the company. You have to allow that to occur usually within a contract and you need to have clauses regarding what happens if those things occur."

- Paige on cancellation clauses in your contracts. 

"If you are a type of professional whereby you work with clients for an extended period of time you need to have a harassment clause. This doesn't just have to be in person. And I want to be clear here, harassment can occur in a multitude of ways. So it's good to have a harassment clause, even if say like you're a website designer. And you just have something extremely weird happened during a client call and there's like something that happens. That is where harassment clause really protects you in those situations."

- Paige's advice on harassment clauses in contracts and when you need one.

"A scope of services is essential to any contract. It gives a very clear picture of what you will provide to your clients when you provide a scope of services within your invoice or within the very top clause of your contract for many service providers. This is clause numero UNO. There's no guesswork for your clients in regards to what you will be providing for the amount that they are paying you. And if there is a breakdown of communication between you or your clients, or you are going beyond the scope of services. You can always refer them back to these bullet points of the scope of services."

- Paige's advice on why a scope of services is so important to include with your contract.


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