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Episode 17: How to build an Associate Photography Team that WORKS!

Episode 17: How to build an Associate Photography Team that WORKS!





Today, we have an amazingly talented guest speaker, Kylee Ann with KA Photography! Her team is based in Northern Utah and she helps other photographers and creative entrepreneurs create thriving businesses. When she's not shooting, scheduling, editing, blogging, being the boss etc, you can find her on adventures with her three babies or catching up on last nights tv in yesterday’s clothes.

In this episode, Kylee talks all about what building an associate team was like, her training approach for new hires, tips of letting go of control and MORE! We can’t wait to have you tune in!


In this episode I talked about:

  • Kylee’s background in photography and how she got into the profession.
  • Going from solopreneur to building a team.
  • What building an associate team was like for Kylee.
  • The similarities Paige share with Kylee of building an associate team.
  • Some of the common mistakes photographers make hiring an associate.
  • What roles Kylee took on after hiring an associate.
  • The certain personality types of Kylee’s team.
  • How Kylee makes her team feel like they are important and belong somewhere in their community.
  • The reason for Kylee giving her associates 50%.
  • What Kylee looks for in hiring people to be on her team. What her ideal candidates are.
  • Kylee’s training approach for her new hires.
  • When people who run a photography business, should run an associate photography business.
  • Kylee’s current team size and the ways they operate and communicate.
  • Contracts Kylee insists on for having an associate team.
  • Kylee’s tips on letting go of control.

Here are a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<5:09> “It wasn't until I started investing in my business that I really started growing."

<7:50> "I think is one of the key parts of growing your team is having someone you can completely trust."

<11:34> “One of the biggest mistakes I see is photographers hiring way too soon or like hiring a backup type associate that don't actually work for them.”

<12:15> “I say the only time you should hire an associate is when you can guarantee that your schedule is full for the year and then you can fill another schedule on top of that.”

<25:03> “I would of never gotten that client to begin with if she wasn't part of the team.”

<27:29> “You don't want someone that's just going to like come in for 6 months to 12 months and you spent so much time training them and then they leave and start their own business.”

<31:01> “If you're wanting to manage the members and you want to grow your team, then you must love the business side. You must love marketing. You must love leading and teaching a team. Those are all the things are going to be doing more than shooting.”


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