Episode 33: Website Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions


Did you know that you're required by law to have a Privacy Policy on your website if you're collecting any type of user's personal information? Do you know how Terms & Conditions can save you in regards to copyright infringement and refund requests? Do you know where to put them on your website? Episode 33 is here and I'm going over all the ins-and-outs of Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions on your business website.


  • What is a privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • Who you are collecting this information from?
  • Why are you collecting this type of personal info?
  • How you are using their info?
  • Where to put these documents on your website.

Here are a few quotes:

  • "Its required by law if you are generating any information from the IP addresses of the users that are using your website."
  • “A Privacy Policy is all about the personal information you are acquiring from your users.”
  • "Term & Conditions are exactly like they sound, they are the conditions of the people and users using your website."

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