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Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes

Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes

We are celebrating a major milestone here at The Legal Paige! The podcast has made it episode 100!!!! I've given you tons of legal tips, some boss CEO tips, tons of guest experts, and a ton more as you've watched me and TLP rebrand grow and expand. So I thought it was really appropriate to have a reflection episode today! Let's party, and celebrate together!


Things we talk about:

  • A look back at the past 99 episodes.
  • Why I originally started The Legal Paige Podcast, and what I thought podcasting would look like. 
  • How The Legal Paige has grown and evolved in the past 99 episodes.
  • My advice for podcasters, and what I have learned after 99 episodes!

Here are a few quotes:

"I really truly just do this for you as like a free educational resource and a fun way for me to reach out to people in the entrepreneurial small bit. Space in various ways, we do our blogs. We do our podcasts. We do lots of lives and webinars and things like that. But to continue the podcast on for over two years, it's just crazy to me. So seriously, you guys coming back all the time and just giving me the like little nuggets of support here and there. It really means a lot."

"I wanted to make guests feel welcome. We had all of like guests gifts set up. And my assistant was really helping me at the beginning of the TLP podcast, making sure that this podcast truly seemed like it had it together and people were willing to come on. People were willing to listen and it wasn't just kind of like fluff at the beginning."

" One day maybe just maybe down the road, I would love to have these phenomenal ladies join me here. So the first person is Oprah, because I've always wanted to talk and meet with Oprah just because she's Oprah. Like who doesn't want to talk to me with Oprah. I'd love to talk about honestly, her journey as an entrepreneur and a business woman."


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