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Episode 105: The 5 People You Should Surround Yourself With As a Business Owner

Episode 105: The 5 People You Should Surround Yourself With As A Business Owner


Welcome back to another episode of The Legal Paige Podcast. Today I am putting on my big sister Paige hat for a moment and talking all about the five people you should surround yourself with as a business owner. Because I truly believe this is going to elevate not only your business life, but your personal life as well.

Things we talk about:

  • Who are the five people you should be surrounding yourself with.
  • Why Ashley Joy Sutton's talk from Creative At Heart really inspired me to dive further into this topic.
  • A support system and how it is vital in becoming the ultimate entrepreneur. 
  • Why the "it takes a village" applies to not just a growing family, but that same mentality also can relate to your business.

Here are a few quotes:

"The first one is a mentor! This is oftentimes conflicted or confused with a coach. I think a mentor is someone who has already kind of walked what you're going through. They may not have the exact same path as you, but someone that you can constantly like ask advice to personally and business wise. And they genuinely are excited about where you are going and they want to help you get there based on their past experiences."

"The next one, I loved when Ashley brought this up at her keynote talk, you need a therapist. The way she said it, everyone was clapping and laughing because all of us have had a therapist.  I still have one, but I don't go to her like as frequently as like some people do. I'm definitely someone who just goes to therapy when needed kind of an as needed dose of therapy. But for all of us then who had had a therapist at a point in their lives, we were all just like hooting in the audience. And Ashley was like, you need a therapist because your friends don't want to hear about that stuff."

"All of those types of coaches are vital to your success. Don't box yourself in that you need just a business coach. Maybe you don't need a business coach in this season of your life. Maybe you really are looking for just like a nutritional coach that can help you eat better, and that's going to help you wake up better. It's going to help you sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day, which is going to contribute greatly to you becoming a better person for your family. And of course for you doing better in your business every single day."

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