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Episode 110: How To Correctly Send Contracts To Clients VIA Email!

Episode 110: How To Correctly Send Contracts To Clients Via Email!


Welcome back to another episode of The Legal Paige Podcast. I am putting my legal hat on today, and chatting about how I suggest that you send your contracts to your clients correctly via email or using your online client management system.

Things we talk about:

  • How I've seen too many business owners sending their client contracts with a template email from their CRM system.
  • While yes you can use the template emails, and their fine to send... I want you to send these emails very, very smartly. 
  • What I want to you to start including in your emails with your contracts. 
  • Why I know adding in these key elements is going to better protect you legally. 

Here are a few quotes:

"Explaining your contract clauses in an email prior to your clients signing, serves as further proof that they knew about your business policies within that contract before they actually signed it. Here's why this is important legally. because it gives your clients a heads up on the clauses that they need to pay extra attention to. It serves as that proof, or evidence that you let them know about your business policies ahead of it. So I like to say, act like you're sitting down at a table across from your client, reviewing the contract before signing. Think old school, you have the paper document, like before the internet, and you needed to meet up in person to go line by line through the contract."

"You need to then be very specific when you first send the client your contract. You can't just really send a template email anymore, I want you to sit down and write your own email that you're going to send to clients. So I suggest picking four to six of the most important clauses in your contract and explaining it to the potential client."

"The same goes for a rescheduling contract, a cancellation contracts, any type of like secondary contract to your original existing client. I still want you to send these types of emails, because again, it's double proof and evidence that you have indeed pointed out to them what's in this secondary contract. What they are signing onto, and you have written proof that you alerted them to that. Because you may have had this conversation on a telephone phone call or a FaceTime that you had with your clients."


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