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Quarterly Planning With Hope Taylor

Episode 116: Quarterly Planning With Hope Taylor





Hope Taylor is a senior portrait and wedding photographer serving both Charleston and Savannah joins us on The Legal Paige Podcast. If you are ready to get organized for Q1, or every quarter for that matter, this episode is for you!

Hope began her business at 16 years old and decided as a senior in high school to pursue her business full time, instead of going to college. Eight years later, she teaches photographers and small business owners how to grow their business quickly and strategically. I knew she was the expert to have on the show!


Episode Highlights:

  • How to plan for Q1 the right way
  • Hope's go-to resources to help make quarterly and yearly planning more fun
  • Why planning is going to really help you see both seasons of your life (busy in business, and busy in your personal life) and help you integrate them together 
  • The ROI planning is always going to give you in life and business
  • And Hope's entire process from start to finish when she is sitting down to plan

Worth Noting:

"I think that balance work-life balance is a buzz term, that is just not real. It's like a unicorn that just doesn't exist. I believe it comes in seasons there are seasons of busy and there are seasons of slow and seasons of personal life, and then seasons of work. Seeing that visually from a birds eye view on these calendars really helps me. From a work-life balance perspective, it really helps to map out what your personal commitments are first."
- Hope on what work-life balance really means and why planning helps


"Q1 for me, isn't anything new. I am typically not doing one of those new launches that I just talked about, where I'm like let's release a brand new product and spend the entire Q1 hitting the ground running with a brand new offer. I'm not going to do that to myself. So Q1 is almost always me going back to the previous year and refreshing and changing and just getting kind of an update across my entire business. So then in Q2, I can hit the ground running with what might be a new project."
- Hope on what she typically plans out for Q1 versus Q2


"I think that the biggest question you should ask yourself is, is there anything falling through the cracks right now? Do I feel like there is a moving piece of things that is not very clearly laid out in my mind about what the next step should be and how I can outline things and how I can capitalize on my free time. Do I feel like there's something slipping through that I missed because I wasn't planning ahead? If the answer is yes, which I would guess it is for most people, then I think you'd really benefit from getting a visual from a bird's eye view."
- Hope and the questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to your business and planning


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