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Episode 117: Vacations and Taking Time Off As An Entrepreneur

Episode 117: Vacations and Taking Time Off As An Entrepreneur





Taking time off is easier said than done, am I right?! I love my business. You love your business. We've poured our hearts and souls into them. Oftentimes though, we're so scared to take a vacation because we feel like things just can't run without us. Even though, as entrepreneurs, we actually need time to unplug. Taking that break is going to do us all a lot of good as the creative CEO of our business.

Episode Highlights:

  • How you can plan to actually take time off in 2022
  • Why it's so important to actually put this time in your calendars and fully disconnect
  • As the business owner and CEO this is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and business (besides getting legally legit courtesy of The Legal Paige)
  • The difference between working vacations and personal vacation, and why you need both (I am a huge fan of scheduling both in my calendar)
  • Why I am giving you full permission to take time off over during the holidays 

Worth Noting:

"I want you to plan one long weekend a quarter, if not one long weekend a month, that's like the ultimate goal in my opinion. But if you are feeling a little bit of pressure, that you can't take that much time off from your business. You really need the income, and you need to continue working on your business. I get that! You might be at a different place than others in their own entrepreneurial journey and that's ok."


"As you're strategically taking time off as a business owner, I also want you to think about seasons of business. So if you are in the wedding industry, for example, taking time off in the middle of a wedding season might not be the best idea. Taking long weekends is a really good idea or long periods of time during the week. Right? Because, we all work on the weekends in the wedding industry. Taking an actual Monday through Thursday as time off would be beneficial to you, but you are probably not going to be taking big trips during those times and taking weeks off at a time."


"As a business owner, the memories that you create, the personal experiences, and rest and relaxation are filling up your cup. When you take time off it's priceless, you can't put a price on that. I want you to have that in your life. You need work-life balance, you need vacations, and you need time. So just do it right now, and plan at least one to two in the next six months. We can't pour from an empty cup period."

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