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Episode 12: My BIG biz philosophy - Find the niche, fill the niche, kill the niche

Episode 12: My BIG biz philosophy - Find the niche, fill the niche, kill the niche


Happy Monday friends! The past dozen episodes I’ve talked primarily about legal concepts that you as an entrepreneur should know and should be utilizing in your business. BUT, I also am a business coach for photographers, wedding industry professionals, and creatives. Today is my first episode all about business and to start our journey I’m going wayyyy back to the beginning of when I started my own photography biz 8 years ago and what that looked like. We are talking about what drives me forward- my own biz motto “Find the Niche, Fill the Niche, and Kill the Niche” and how it can be implemented in your own business. You guy’s my coaching is different from anyone out there in the online world because not only am I a coach, but I am also an attorney and attorneys do NOT think like other people. So, let’s dive into my motto and some biz talk. Success and more dolla bills are on your horizon. Are you ready?

In this episode I talked about:

  • Where my biggest philosophy “Find the Niche, Fill the Niche, Kill the Niche” started and came from and what exactly it means.
  • The early days of my photography side-hustle trying to find my style and also looking at what the community in my area was looking for (Finding the Niche).
  • The different styles I noticed other photographers were doing in my area and how I noticed there wasn’t a specific that style I liked! And that’s when I knew I found my niche!
  • What process I did to Fill my niche after finding it and the sharing the reality you’ll most likely run into while trying to fill yours!
  • Killing the Niche; Most people stop at filling the niche, but there’s much more than that! There’s more than staying in the little niche zone. Be in it to scale and make more money!
  • How killing the niche allowed me to scale and grow my photography business.
  • How I found my niche in virtual law photography and why I choose to go into it.


Here are a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

  • 5:24 “What I did at the beginning was I think pivotal and central in me becoming so successful because I took a second, I checked in with myself, I checked in with my community, what my client's wants and needs were and then I also looked at what others were doing in my area…and that is called finding the niche.”

  • 6:15 “When you serve everyone, you’re serving no one.”

  • 8:34 “I wanted my photos to really be representative of my lifestyle.”

  • 14:1> “I'm not a business coach that's going to say that you will automatically be swinging and clients within two months if you find a niche and then start filling the niche because it's not a reality.”

  • 18:51 “I loved my photography clients so much and I love my business so much that I couldn't stop killing the niche and that's what took me to the next level and that's what helped me scale my business.”

  • 27:03 “I am a firm believer in thinking big strategy like this instead of being in the weeds every day as a business owner and forgetting about exactly what you're doing, who you're serving, and what that niche is that you're trying to attract. So I want you to live and say out loud, “Find the Niche, Fill the Niche, Kill the Niche.”

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