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Episode 18: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! Husband and Wife Style

Episode 18: Teamwork makes the Dreamwork! Husband and Wife Style


Hello Legal Paigers! We have talked about how to build a team for your biz so now it’s time to talk about how that team works together successfully... #teamworkmakesthedreamwork. Today, I have not one but TWO special guests who want to share their teamwork success with you. Joshua and Kariss Farris are a husband and wife wedding and corporate photography team who capture special moments all around the country and across the world. They’ve turned their passion into their profession with Pharris Photos + Philms! I’m just obsessed with these two! They’ve got all kinds of good information about how to run a successful business as a husband-wife duo, so let’s learn how their teamwork makes their dream work! It’s time to “get it done” with these two and dive in.


In this episode we talked about:

  • Joshua and Kariss’ journey into their photography business, what they were doing before going into business, and why they got into the family and marriage aspect of the photography world.
  • Joshua’s background in engineering working for NASA and how his experience has fed into the works of their photography business.
  • Where they were at starting out in their business, the size of their team, their system, and what eventually led to grow.
  • The importance of systemizing in the beginning rather than later on down the road.
  • The systems, workflow, and behind the scenes of Pharris Photos + Philms.
  • Tips from Joshua and Kariss on ways to work together as business partners, while in a relationship with each other.
  • How Joshua and Kariss deal with conflicts when they come up.
  • The process on teamwork, purpose, and mission that leads to growing the business.
  • Joshua and Kariss’ tips on communication.
  • Some legal lessons learned on their journey into growing the business, more specifically in contracts.

Here’s a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<8:19> “By learning how to basically solve problems on the engineered side, I'm able to just translate those skills in to the business side.”

<11:45> “Get your systems and workflow in place now.”

<12:31> “When it comes down to working as a team, what you definitely have to have is not only communication, but you have to have some defined roles.”

<16:41> “I think the thing is you need to identify your strengths and play to that.”

<18:36> “We take on this, just get it done mentality because we've been doing this long enough, we've experienced and we know the results of what happens if we just sit there and go back and forth trying to place blame on one another.”

<26:26> “That’s why I said it helped us so much being married is because the things that we have to implement in marriage, we found work really well in the business.”

<33:37> “One lesson that we have learned is having a good contract that is clear, is vital only because that gives us the confidence and the strength to operate and not get taken advantage of from either participants or clients who may not be satisfied.”


Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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