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Episode 20: How to create profit with purpose

Episode 20: How to create profit with purpose


Marie Wold is a 24 year-old wellness coach, lifestyle influencer, and entrepreneur whose mission is to educate and empower women to become their best selves. As a business school graduate, she melds her passion for entrepreneurship with her heart for service every day and has grown her business to multiple six-figures through strategic scaling and 100% organic marketing. Today, she is sharing exactly how she creates profit with purpose!


In this episode we talked about:

  • Marie’s process on Instagram building an audience for her business.
  • Creating profit with purpose in the coaching and fitness industry.
  • The mindset of doing something free vs making a profit for doing something that is helping others.
  • Thinking of a fair price for your service that will also benefit your client’s in how they commit and show up.
  • Knowing your “why” to the big offer you provide for your business and service.
  • Marie’s advice and process for protecting yourself and your business legally, especially in the Health/Fitness world.
  • Understanding contracts from brands.


Here are a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<8:05> “You don't have to know exactly where you're going, but as long as you start from a place of service and you start from a place of wanting to educate or empower or lead others, you can definitely create a business out of it and you can definitely make good money while doing it.”

<8:54> “There's this limiting belief or false mindset that if you love something and if you are helping other people, you should be willing to do it for free and like you shouldn't get paid for it.”

<11:13> “When good people make good money, they can do great things.”

<17:29> “If you're providing something above average, like charge above average.”

<20:53> “If my prices are like easy and comfortable, people don't have to think twice about them. How are they going to approach our partnership, right? Like if they're not going to have to get uncomfortable and feel like they are super committed with the amount of energy or money that they're putting in, they're not going show up in the most powerful way possible.”

<34:17> “Protecting yourself and making everything crystal clear for both parties is probably my biggest takeaway legal lesson that I've had to implement in my business.”

Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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