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Episode 21: Hey, Millennial Women: Estate Planning is for You Too!

Episode 21: Hey, Millennial Women: Estate Planning is for You Too!


Hello, Episode 21! Iffy Ibekwe (ee-beck-way) helps intentional women prepare effective wills, trusts, and legal documents so that their families are protected in the event of death or an unexpected emergency. She is passionate about what she does. Her life has been transformed by helping women protect their families, just in case. Today, she is here with me to share her passions with you and discuss how estate planning is for you too!


In this episode we talked about:

  • Ibekwe’s background in practicing law for 13 years and her decision for going into estate planning working on wills, trusts and other legal documents that help people with protection in those “just-in-case moments.”
  • Why people need to prepare for those “just-in-case moments” and what they can do to get these protections in place now! Ibekwe also shares her thought on why it’s important more specifically for single women to prepare for these types of protections.
  • What estate planning even is and how millennial women can get up to speed with estate planning!
  • Avoiding places like Legal Zoom to write up legal protections for estate planning.
  • Understanding more in-depth about trusts vs. wills.
  • When you need a medical power of attorney and how it defers from a living will.
  • Handling social media for deceased loved ones with the right protections in place.
  • Understanding a beneficiary designation and how and when to set one up.
  • What steps to take after you’ve setup your plan.

Here are a few quotes that we thought were awesome:

<4:31> “I like to call myself that just in case lawyer.”

<5:27> “You don't know what tomorrow's gonna bring. You don't know what the next moment is going to bring and there are ways that you can plan legally to prepare…”

<12:20> “25 to 35 they're mostly millennial women and they have no idea even why like how to start with estate planning.”

<15:00> “60% of Americans haven't done any kind of estate planning, which means that a lot of people leave that decision to their loved ones and they are the ones who bear the burden and the expensive.”

<21:20> “Do it now! The best time to do it is when you have no emergency.”

<26:46> “You can keep your family member in limbo fighting over something about how to keep you alive or not when you just let them know, hey, I don't want to be here anymore!”

<33:29> “Have a list of all your passwords because in the incidents that you’re incapacitated or you die, there is somebody who has access to that and can give that to your executor who can then do what they do and their role as your representative to do your wishes for those things.”

<40:22> “These

are called non-probate assets, which means they pass outside of the court system.”

<50:58> “The people that mind don't matter and the people that matter don't mind.”


Links Mentioned On Our Show:

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