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Episode 22: My Photography Reflection for 2019

Episode 22: My Photography Reflection for 2019


Hey friends, welcome back to The Legal Paige Podcast. Today's episode is going to be a little different. I'm not going to talk about legal stuff and I'm not interviewing any guests. I am actually talking all about my photography business and a little reflection on my wedding season for 2019. I recently just ended my wedding season in the middle of July because I only took on a select number of weddings this year and I just want to kind of chat with you about my experiences, a few things in lessons that I've learned, and just let you know where Paige Marie Photography is at right now. So with that being said, let's get into this episode.

In this episode I talk about:

  • My legal and photography background and how the two are and became intertwined!
  • Why I decided to shoot 8 weddings instead of 30 this summer
  • My reflection and lessons learned from the 2019 season as a whole
  • Why I love my couples and why I am intentional in making sure my clients and myself are a good fit from the get-go
  • What are your best resources to use the day of the wedding
  • How to create good word of mouth referrals from not only client experience but wedding party experience
  • I share a few lessons that I have learned this year - bug spray, sunscreen, photog timelines.. and more
  • What’s in store for 2020 and more!!!

Here are a few quotes:

(08:46) "Shout out to all my couples that I've had for the past six years. Wedding couples and shout out particularly to 2019 you ate a couples were phenomenal to work with. Super, Super Fun. I had a blast. "

(09:38) "I always tried to teach myself is that every single experience is a learning lesson. And whether it goes really well or whether like hiccups happen, you can learn from them. And I am a professional wedding photographer, but that doesn't mean that I can't learn from mistakes or do things better next time."

(10:03) "bug spray and sunscreen are your best friends..."

(11:57) "This year I was like really specific with while I was getting ready in the morning I always put on sunscreen so I didn't get burnt."

(14:07) "Photography timelines, especially this summer have been worth their weight in gold."

(15:38) "Make friends with the parents and the siblings and the bridesmaids. They are your best resources and best friends to use at a wedding..."

(22:07) "Bring over both mothers and have them look at the family photo list to make sure you got all the photos. That is a big lesson."

(22:16) "Dance and have fun with everyone at your weddings!"

(24:51) "I love on my vendors a lot!"

Links I mention:

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