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Episode 27: How to build a Wedding Planning Business from the Ground Up

Episode 27: How to build a Wedding Planning Business from the Ground Up


Hello hello everyone! I have Becky Baker here with me today! She is owner and planner at Becky's Brides and is going to talk to you all about how she started her wedding planning business from the ground up. Becky has a BS in Accounting and started her career in the corporate accounting world. Not long after that, she knew that accounting wasn't the right t for her. After helping some friends and co-workers plan their weddings, she officially launched Becky's Brides in 2011. Becky's Brides plans flawless, Southern weddings in Birmingham, AL and beyond. In addition to planning weddings, she is passionate about helping other women creative business owners launch and grow successful businesses. Most importantly, she is a wife to her college sweetheart and new mom to a 10-month-old baby girl.


Things we talked about:

  • Becky's business story and her background in the industry
  • Marketing Tips and Tricks for Wedding Planners and creative business owners
  • How important client communication is when building and growing a successful business
  • How to maintain clients and a healthy workload

Here are a few quotes:

  • (01:48) "I never thought actually that it was going to be a full-time business when I was doing it. I thought it was just fun as long as it made sense for money and beat the drag of being an accountant all the time."
  • (02:15) "I love working for myself. I'm a new mom so it's awesome to have a flexible schedule and you know, build my dream versus somebody else's. So it's crazy. I am very thankful."
  • (16:03) "I just think pricing with wedding planning is so interesting and I think it's going to continue to evolve over time, especially as the wedding industry changes."
  • (18:24) "We did invest some money about four years ago or so with an SEO company to help us learn how to blog appropriately on for SEO. And that's been a big thing for us as well. I know our clients and our prospective clients like reading that the blog as well. So I know some people think blogging is dead, but in my opinion it's not."
  • (23:51) "50 people are added to the guest list.. And it makes us have to do a lot more work. So even a major changes like that as the design plan is crazy. We do charge for it. Of course, there's a cost for that."

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