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Episode 30: Online Sales Process Using Instagram Marketing

Episode 30: Online Sales Process Using Instagram Marketing


I have learned so much from my friend Libby Rothschild who is a business coach and social media marketing expert. Her work inspires female registered dietitians to attract and convert leads in their virtual private practice. She explains in this episode her online sales process on Instagram specifically in regards to how to define how you will make profit, how to setup your link in bio to SELL, how to niche down your message, and MORE! You've got to tune in to this episode!

Things we talked about:

  • How to define how you will make profit
  • How to setup your link in bio to SELL
  • How to niche down your message

Here are a few quotes from the episode:

  • (2:52) "I help my dietitians colleagues with sales and marketing skills we didn't learn in school."
  • (3:12) "I worked as a clinical dietitian in a hospital for 5 years but I felt like I wasn't getting paid what I deserved and what I was doing wasn't creating an impact."
  • (8:30) "A lot of dietitians are not aware they can market and sell effectively on Instagram."
  • (10:01) "Anyone can do this! If you are a service based business you can put these tips toward your own niche market and business on Instagram."
  • (14:18) "The link in your bio should support how you want to make money. You want to funnel leads and prospects to your apply for your services or if you want to build your email list make sure you put a call to action in your bio so you can drive traffic to increase your profit."
  • (15:15) "The biggest issue I see in links in bios is that they have too many options and people don't know what to click on."
  • (21:00) "To niche down, you first want to know the problem you solve in the market and how people are going to pay you. I would say 'wedding photographer' isn't niche, but 'elopement photographer' is more niche. Be really specific and clear on what you mean."
  • (27:20) "I still believe content is king and you should be posting at least 5 times a week, using hashtags, and posting consistently and interacting with others."
  • (40:46) "I thought the contracts with my clients were important, but I had NO IDEA the contracts with my team members were also important and I wish I knew ahead of time what all I needed contract wise for my team. Its been great to have my onboarding process reviewed by Paige."

Links mentioned on this show:

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