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Episode 31: Steps to Starting a Wedding Venue 101

Episode 31: Steps to Starting a Wedding Venue 101


Want to start a wedding venue? Episode 31 is here and it is for YOU!! Kinsey Roberts is a wedding venue owner, podcast host and podcast educator for women entrepreneurs. She is here to tell you ALL the things about the beginning stages of venue ownership by guiding you through market research, construction and her personal favorite part of any business: organization structure, marketing and systems. She loves sharing her personal journey of starting a wedding venue on her family’s private ranch in Colorado. Want more? Tune in today!

Things we talked about:

  • Dreaming of being a venue owner: What you'll face when it comes to state and county regulations and legalities
  • Finding your ideal location: Quick tips for buying property and conducting market research
  • When you're ready to start building: How to work with your construction team, builders, architects, designers and sub-contractors
  • Business structure: Why you must have contracts, a good CRM and top notch client communication

Here are a few quotes:

  • (13:33) "Develop a relationship with your county accessor because you will spend a lot of time with them."
  • (20:51) "What's going to be trending in the next 12-18 months? Why? Because it's going to take you that long to build your venue. You need to future forecast."
  • (21:21) "Never been done before is not necessarily a good thing. It means there is no proof of concept."

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