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Episode 34: Filing a DBA Versus a LLC

Episode 34: Filing a DBA Versus a LLC


Do you know the difference between filing a DBA versus filing a LLC?! While each state may vary a teeny bit, its virtually the same steps to register online as either a Doing Business As or register as an official business entity through filing articles of incorporation to become a LLC. Episode 34 is here and I'm going over how to register these yourself!

Things we talked about:

  • What is a DBA
  • Your state may classify it as an assumed business name, trade name, or fictitious name
  • The costs associated with filing a DBA versus LLC
  • How to register online with your state
  • Why I suggest a LLC is best

Here are a few quotes:

  • (3:02) "The biggest difference between a DBA and a LLC is liability protection."
  • (7:58) “You don't have to file an annual report as a DBA.”
  • (11:58) "LLCs are filed in your state and you file whats called Articles of Incorporation. This is usually with a Secretary of State's office. I always suggest you register in your home state, and if you move around a lot, register where you primarily live and then file as a foreign entity in other states you work in."
  • (15:35) "Lots of people create one LLC entity bubble and then create other DBAs under that LLC."

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