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Episode 43: Newborn Photography Contracts with Guest Jenni Maroney

Episode 43: Newborn Photography Contracts with Guest Jenni Maroney


Join us today with newborn photographer extraordinaire, Jenni Maroney, as we discuss Jenni's unique style of photographing unposed natural, newborns, and the ins and outs of The Legal Paige Newborn Photography Contract template that Jenni helped us create.

Some things we talked about:

  • Jenni's background and introduction to Unposed Newborn Photography
  • The ins and outs of Unposed Newborn Photography
  • Why it's important to have a contract when photographing newborns and what all to include

Here are a few quotes:

  • (9:41) “Lifestyle photography is more going into my client's home, using their natural light from their windows, photographing in a nursery and using their own blankets and incorporating all the details that make them, them. ”
  • (13:24) "For families that want to incorporate that really personal touch, I think it is really important to have their session in their own home, because then they'll remember all those little details that as a mom myself I know that I've forgotten until I jog my memory with a photo."
  • (14:45) "If you are good at your job, as a newborn photographer, then you should be able to get everything in just the nursery if they're worried about cleaning the whole house."
  • (15:06) "I'm not here to judge, I don't care about how many dishes you have in your sink or the last time you vacuumed your carpet, I seriously could care less, I'm here to photograph you guys as you guys in this stage of life."
  • (40:12) "A contract is really there to protect EVERYONE. It's there to make sure we're all on the same page and that everyone really understands what's to be expected."
  • (40:39) "My contracts used to not be as clear as they should have......Time and time again I hear "I thought the digitals were included in the session fee, you never told me they weren't." and I was like why does this keep happening. I finally went through my contract with a fine tooth comb and it wasn't clear what was included in the session fee and what was NOT."
  • (43:45) "You want to have things very conspicuous, bold underline, just very clear in your contracts... Just go through your contracts and make sure that everything that needs to be clear IS CLEAR and if not then reach out for help."

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