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Episode 46: Moving from A Full Time Corporate job to Being A Full Time Entrepreneur with Jaine Kershner

Episode 46: Moving from A Full Time Corporate job to Being A Full Time Entrepreneur with Jaine Kershner


I'm so excited to welcome my friend Jaine Kershner to the podcast to talk about leaving corporate America and becoming a full time entrepreneur! Jaine is a hybrid wedding photographer, from the New York City area, who moved from working for Kate Spade full time to becoming an incredibly successful entrepreneur.


Some things we talked about:

  • Jaine's background
  • Moving from full time corporate America to full time entrepreneur
  • Some of the difficulties and the benefits of being your own boss

Here are a few quotes:

  • (8:36) “You had been stuck in this rut, you'd been doing it for ten years and then you're like, but what gives? What else am I passionate about? Are you losing yourself? Do you miss that creative outlet? And so for any of you out there that are doing that, what Jaine's saying what gives you excitement in life?"
  • (9:27) "When you're unhappy and you're not doing what you love, nothing will really be going on. Once you find your passion and you get excited about something, everything starts happening."
  • (10:52) "It took me going back to corporate life, but in a part-time way at a photography store, to kind of buy all my gear and do their social media. Within two years of working there, I went full time. It took three years of focusing, making connections, and booking to really go full time."
  • (23:08) "There's no sick days, in terms of when you're booked, or you need to GO to work. In our world you can't just call in sick or find a substitute, it's you and only you."
  • (29:27) "You don't have to be in your brick and mortar office to get a paycheck."
  • (31:30) "Before I did anything else, I became an LLC. Become legal in your state, become the correct entity."

Links mentioned:

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