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Episode 60: Reopening Your Business Legally and Safely Webinar with Honeybook & The Rising Tide Society

Episode 60: Reopening Your Business Legally and Safely Webinar with Honeybook & The Rising Tide Society

This episode is going to be a little bit different than the others because it is a recording of the HoneyBook and The Rising Tide Society webinar that I did with host Natalie Franke.  We jumped on this webinar and had over a thousand people tune in.

Things we talk about:

  • What to do with the second round of rescheduling events, weddings now that COVID is still an issue.
  • We answer if we are still in Force Majeure land? 
  • What happens if someone is sick at the wedding and you were supposed to go to that event.
  • In the unfortunate case that you get sick yourself, we talk all about if you have to hire a replacement and what that looks like.
  • And so much more!


Here are a few quotes:

"Force Majeure means of superior strength.  So when something happens of superior strength that's outside of your control, your client's control, and really the party's control to the contract.  Whoever is signing both sides of the contract if there are two or more parties.  If something were to happen you can contract and write a clause in your contract usually Force Majeure.  Sometimes the heading says active God and that's totally fine."

"Everyone's situation is different in terms of not only what their clients are telling them and talking to them and responding to them in a certain manner, but also what your contract said that you sign right.  So let's just go through some things you need to consider.  I always suggest and this is what lawyers do all day long. We do a risk assessment.  So is it worth it to do X, is it more risky to do this? Should you do this? If you guys don't have a safe working environment clause in your contract, please, please, please go get one."

“There is no one size fits all answer to a lot of these contract negotiation situations and COVID situations. So if I could tell you anything, that's what I would tell you b mindful make your own decisions as a business owner. Try to come to some mutual resolution with your clients. If you're in that situation, that would be best for you to avoid bad word of mouth stuff going on."

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